Indoor UV Disinfection Air Purification Equipment With safety Sensor.


Indoor UV Disinfection Air Purification Equipment With safety Sensor.


  • Dual-core photon ultraviolet disinfection
  • Dual UV body height is 1.8 meters, anti-virus in 30m 2 space takes only 20 seconds, 360 ° complete disinfection without dead angle, it has a radiation intensity of up to 1600 micro watts, 360 degrees without dead angle, ultra-short time to achieve medical grade on indoor air and surface Of purification
  • Suitable for crowded venues such as homes, conference rooms, offices, hospitals, schools, factories and airports, stations, restaurants, exhibitions, etc .
  • High-intensity and rapid killing of indoor bacteria, viruses, fungi and various enzymes, UV power density is 10 times that of traditional low-pressure pump lights, can effectively inactivate corona virus within 5 minutes
  • Large-scale effective air and surface sterilization
  • High-band photons can quickly neutralize active oxygen after the sterilization is completed, and increase the content of negative ions in the air
  • It is recommended that each sterilization time is more than 15 minutes. Long-term exposure to ultra violet rays will cause burns to human eyes and skin. All personnel, animals and plants must leave the site during use to ensure safety
  • Wavelength 253.7nm, protection grade IP68, service life 12000H, power 650W

How EV-SU/UV-650 works?

Use the bactericidal ultraviolet UVC damage the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) molecular structure of microbial cells, resulting in the death of growth cells and/or regenerative cells, to achieve the effect of sterilization.

We are Using Original Dutch Phillips Light Source

Philips TUV Amalgam XPT system consists of an electronic driver that operates one TUV Amalgam XPT lamp, mounted in a sleeve. The electrical specifications are tailored to the lamp, ensuring an optimized performance of the Philips TUV Amalgam XPT system. Thanks to extensive testing before a lamp system is released, we can ensure maximum reliability and long lifetime.

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