Our high-performance roof fan is energy-saving, versatile, and cost-efficient. It features a high-quality metal housing with corrosion-resistant powder coating and a reliable design. Ideal for roof installation, it includes voltage-controlled airflow adjustment, a built-in thermostatic switch with automatic reset, and quiet, maintenance-free operation. The galvanized steel case ensures durability, while the complete unit is rated at IP44. Perfect for efficient and reliable ventilation.

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Our high-performance roof fan is the ultimate solution for energy-saving, versatile, and cost-efficient ventilation. Built with a high-quality metal housing, it features a corrosion-resistant powder coating for enhanced durability. The fan boasts a reliable, established, and proven design that ensures long-lasting performance.

  • The energy saving, versatile and cost-efficient fan
  • High quality metal housing with corrosion resistant powder coating
  • Reliable, established and proven design
  • Roof installation
  • For mounting, we recommend using cushioned clamps to reduce noise transmission into the ducting system
  • Voltage-controlled air flow rate adjustment
  • Built-in thermostatic switch with automatic reset
  • Maintenance-free and quiet in operation
  • Horizontal air release
  • Galvanized steel case
  • Insulation Class motor: F
  • IP Complete Unit: IP44

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