Air cleaning unit

  • Clean and odourless air at all times
  • Frame construction casing
  • Galvanized steel panels, double skin, with insulation
  • Side access doors for cleaning and maintenance
  • Three levels of air filtration built in:
  • Panel filters M5 against row particles
  • Panel filter F7 against fine particles
  • Activated carbon to protect against odours and chemical pollution
  • EC fans with integrated variable speed drive, with 0-10 V signal controllable
  • The air ducts have to be executed in such a manner that no condensate, rain or snow from the air duct can enter the unit
  • Frost free, indoor installation
  • Easy filters replacing via side access doors
  • Easy air flow adjustment via MTP potentiometer
SKU Diameter Hz Speed Performance Chart
SL-CASE 7500 AK 7500 50 1440rpm View Performance Chart
SL-CASE 3000 AK 3000 50 1440rpm View Performance Chart