Wall-mounted axial fans designed for large, low-speed airflows with automatic louvre opening system..


  • Sheet steel base plate.
  • Galvanized steel structure.
  • Galvanized sheet steel impeller.
  • Protection guard, meets UNE 100250 standard.
  • Designed especially for use in farms and hothouses.
  • Airflow direction from motor to impeller.


  • Single-phase two-speed motors with IE-2 efficiency, except lower powers 0.75 kW.
  • Class F motors, with bearings, IP55 protection.
  • Three-phase 230/400V.-50Hz
  • Working temperature: -25℃.+ 50℃


  • Anticorrosive galvanized sheet steel

On Request:

  • Without shutter and with a protective grille on the impulsion side
  • Special windings for different voltages
SKU Diameter Hz Speed Performance Chart
XLS-125-T-1.5 1250 50 485rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-125-T-1 1250 50 437rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-100-T-1 1000 50 503rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-100-T-0.75 1000 50 472rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-100-T-0.5 1000 50 398rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-80-T-0.75 800 50 630rpm View Performance Chart
XLS-80-T-0.5 800 50 570rpm View Performance Chart